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REAMS is the shorter and easier way of saying Real Estate And Mortgage Section; But the term also describes large quantities of paper and hard copy documents, and – as such – we hope to bring you the equivalent of large quantities of quality content relating to real estate and mortgages. So…

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One of the programs that I wrote extensively about on this blog and spent much of my time promoting, while still active as a mortgage lender representative, is the FHA-insured 203k rehabilitation loan. Having said that, I recently came across a video on the subject of 203k mortgages which does a great job of promoting the program and I want to share it with you. Click the REbuild USA link below to watch the video:

REbuildUSA With 203k on NBC Miami

Here are my remarks on this video:

This video hits the nail on the head about the FHA-insured 203k program!
It manages to convey (in 4 minutes, 45 seconds) the true essence and real benefits of the program, something I have been writing about for at least 3 years.
Thanks to Dennis & Teresa for putting 203k in the spotlight where,
hopefully, more first-time home buyers and qualified refinancing homeowners,
will take advantage of the program. I do intend to feature the video on my… (REAMS) website.

Reams Admin.

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Real Estate and Mortgage Viewpoints In Retrospect

This first article titled, In Philadelphia, a Chance to Stave Off Foreclosure is published to the website.

My commentary: The article provides an insightful description of a necessary and timely housing program provided by the city of Philadelphia to that city’s homeowners. It is a program which should serve as a model to every municipality in the country. Housing and mortgage professionals should find the article very informative. Take a look!

This second article titled, Back to Business – Investment Funds Profit Again, This Time By Paring Mortgages is published to the website. it sheds light on the mortgage crises of 2007. View the entire article here!

My commentary: Way to go Wall Street! When you read this article you will probably be as surprise as I was. I have been pretty down on Wall Street for the last couple of years for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the mortgage crises, but here is a Wall Street idea that is actually creating benefits for homeowners (Main Street). If you promote affordable financing for homeowners as I do, you will enjoy this article. Take a look for yourself at the above link!

Article number 3 is titled, An Upturn in the Housing Market May Be Reversing, is published on the website.

My commentary: At first I thought all the housing market news was going to be negative, but as I continued reading that turned out not to be the case. It’s kind of a mixed bag: One index shows housing prices rising just a fraction, another forecasting a decline of as much as 10 percent, while yet another has prices flat for September. Read more!

Article number 4 is titled, Treasury to Pressure Mortgage Companies to Cut Payments, is published to the website.

My commentary: Some workout programs have not been working out, and it may be necessary for the federal government to take a second look at the Home Affordable program. This is a fascinating article which gives the reader a brief insight into what is really taking place behind the scenes at mortgage servicers/holders across the country. Was it ever the intention of these banks and mortgage holders to implement the program as the government intended? You be the judge!

Article number 5 is titled, Bigwigs Debate ‘Too Big to Fail’ and is published to the Seeking Alpha website.

My commentary: As one who believes in, and writes about affordable housing at every opportunity, I certainly can’t fathom the TBTF concept. There are many who believe that our government is too big as it exists, and yet here we are debating whether certain institutions (not of the government) ought to be permitted – actually enabled – to continue operating on such a scale that their failure spells doom for the rest of us.

‘TBTF’ just doesn’t seem a reasonable or acceptable societal structure under which to live, so I’m anti-TBTF and I hope those we elect to address these matters share these sentiments. The above article, authored by Carolyn Austin, is very thought-provoking and, to her credit, she has opened what I believe to be one of the more profound discussions of our time. Take a look!

Article number 6 is titled, Official Google Blog: RT @google: Tweets and updates and search is published to the Google blog.

My commentary: What an appropriate statement. There is certainly a lot happening on the social networking scene, and when you add search to it, my sentiments are exactly those on the above article. Take a look!

Thank you for your support. We will continue working to provide the most relevant and useful information about current FHA-insured programs and related topics. God Bless!


Humorous or ironic?

If the government can’t run business, how come big business always run to the government for a bailout when it runs into trouble?
FHA-insured mortgages… Government-run for over 75 years! Lest we forget?

How To Cut Back The Mortgage Expenses

Houses Bought As-Is for ALL CASH! Fast Closings!

Situation at the real estate market is changeable and it cannot be predicted whether interest rates are going to go up or down. Unfortunately people often get in mortgage challenges because of rates increase and find themselves in a risk of foreclosures. Millions of families struggle with volatile economic circumstances in order to get homes in their property. Here is some information which will help you to avoid challenges connected with your house and to minimize cost of the mortgage.

1. Consider covering mortgage interest as a priority

It doesn’t matter whether people sign deals with a mortgage brokers or any other lender paying off the loan as early as possible should become the priority task. As faster you get free from contract terms as less the risk to be damaged by unpredictable economic circumstances is. But the thing is little bit different for high and low interest loans. For example when you use the service of online cash advance lenders you will get a high interest rate and it will be evenly included into the schedule of monthly payments. That means that as faster you cover the loan as less interest you will pay. This works only in the beginning of the terms when it comes to mortgage. Payments are organized so that you return most of the interest in the beginning and after there is principle amount with some insignificant amount of interest to be paid. So when you decided to buy a house make all your efforts to repay the amount of interest and subsequent payments will not burden your budget in case of economic instability.

2. Consolidate your loan

There is a great program provided by the government which is called HARP. You have a unique chance to get more beneficial terms and record low prices in case mortgage refinancing. This program is provided for millions of families being in need. But it is also true that not many people use such perfect opportunity to save their money. It doesn’t matter whether they are not properly informed about the HARP or just treat it lightly thinking that it is too good to be true but it is obvious that the loose such unique chance. The program has been extended and you will have an opportunity to avail of it until 2015. So take your chance and ease your life.

3. Choose the most relevant solution

Being a homeowner is a dream of many Americans but it is time to think if it is worth that. Prices are constantly increasing at the real estate market and that means that mortgages are also getting more and more expensive. Of course once having become a homeowner you will be able to sell it on a higher price but it is important to estimate time frames objectively. Half of your life you will pay off the huge amount of the mortgage and the pleasure of owning a house will not be so bright when being a pensioner you realize which big responsibility it is to own a house. That is why sometimes it is really better to rent some apartment and to change it without any problems once crises comes.