Making Your For-Sale Home Mortgage-Ready

What do buyers need when they plan to buy a home? The fact is that there are many aspects one needs to consider when buying or selling a home. From the seller’s point of view, there are some basic home selling rules which must be taken into consideration with the prevailing thought that financing terms and buyer qualification for a mortgage is going to be key factors in getting your property sold. With that in mind you, the seller, can take steps to facilitate the sale by doing the following:

1) Preparing it for the appraisal inspection or paying for a FHA (Federal Housing Administration) appraisal to be done. This type of appraisal is good for 4 months and must be used by your FHA buyer; and FHA buyers are greater in number since 2009 than any other lender-financed group of buyers, including PMI-qualified buyers, conventional-qualified buyers, VA-qualified buyers and buyers with their own or private financing. You shouldn’t be overly concerned with laying out the appraisal fee because by doing so you’ll help to reduce processing time as well as setting the right price for the property. Chances are you’ll be reimburse by the buyer anyway.

2) You should be an informative seller. You could put a “Home for Sale” sign in your front yard which includes your phone number and possibly your email address, if you have one, so that a buyer can contact you. This step requires you to devote specific hours of your day to handle the incoming calls or returning phone calls to prospective buyers; making available a property profile which outlines the description of your property, the property size (interior square footage), lot size, neighborhood amenities and a few photos of the house (interior & exterior).

3) Bear in mind that prospective buyers will have done their own research, and you should therefore be as prepared as you can be; but you are more of an expert about your own property than anyone else and as long as your expertise is properly presented to all concerned, including the FHA appraiser, so that they have a clear understanding of exactly what you are offering for sale, your work will certainly be rewarded. By taking performing these actions you would also convey to the buyer your commitment to delivering a well-prepared and most complete picture of the home which may in fact be the one s/he chooses.

Whatever you have heard about physical condition, curb appeal and “squeaky clean” appearance being among the most important things to work on in order to enhance the saleability of your home is probably true. You can do no wrong by improving or enhancing the appeal of your property’s interior and exterior. Just to make it beautiful, tidy, and fresh even if changing the color of your home is to be considered. You’ve probably heard the saying “get your buyer in the right mood”. One way to do this is by creating a cozy environment in your home. What do I mean by “cozy environment”? Fresh air, clean surroundings, fresh odor, and most importantly a home-like atmosphere. Just make a buyer feel like s/he is already at home sweet home.

If you have taken all of the above steps, when you get down on the negotiation, you’d be in a position to offer a high quality product to your buying market, because you know what your market is comprised of (FHA-qualified buyers), you should be a great negotiator based on the preparation that went into the project up to this point. You don’t have to be a broker or a lender or emulate either. Just be yourself – the expert on your own home – and follow your own instincts which are based on the many years you’ve owned the home. Most importantly, be honest with yourself as well as with your buyer(s) and others with whom you come in contact during the process and you should have no problem selling your home at a satisfactory price.

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If the government can’t run business, how come businesses always run to the government for a bailout when it runs into trouble? FHA-insured mortgages, government run for 75 years. Lest we forget?

As of July 1, 2009 a recent housing initiative was expanded to allow Las Vegas borrowers who are up to 125% underwater on their mortgages to seek mortgage refinancing. Thanks to the Making Home Affordable program!