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Among the most important requirements a prospective home buyer has to meet in order to qualify for a mortgage loan is a satisfactory credit profile; and when a credit report reveals a less than satisfactory profile, it usually means that the prospective home buyer must take steps to find out why. The latest guest post, brought to you by our friends at North Shore advisory, discusses one aspect of how an individual’s credit can be affected negatively and the proposed solution to correct it.


For some time now, many short sellers were treated the same as homeowners that foreclosed when applying for a mortgage. Due to a credit coding issue that lumped short sellers into the same category as a foreclosure, the waiting period for loan approval was extended substantially. This forced millions to put their dream of participating in homeownership again off to the distant future. With interest rates climbing, and the real estate market improving, the increased future cost for purchasing would seem more of an obstacle down the road.


But new policy changes could bring more options starting in November. After Sen. Bill Nelson focused on bringing this coding error to the FTC and the Consumer Financial Protection Board, things started to change.

This is the nature of the evolution of this business, says Fannie Mae spokeswoman Keosha Burns. The agency will input the new software into its computer system on Nov. 16. After that, if a short sale is marked as a foreclosure, the new code will allow the loan servicers to bypass it, correct it and move forward with the loan. Short sellers should speak with their bankers about the new options for homeownership, what the qualifications will be, and whether the state of their credit needs improvement.

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You know, not everyone knows this, but if you owned a home and had a FHA mortgage, you might be entitled to money back from the government paid directly to you. It’s not free money (we both know that is a rarity), despite all the claims made by others that you can get free money from the government. No, this is money you would have paid into the FHA mortgage insurance fund via your MIP (Mortgage Insurance Premium) payments if your home was financed with a FHA mortgage.

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Leveraged Finance Methods

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You could be forgiven for not understanding the term leverage and the concept of leveraged finance investment methods. This is not your basic, entry level form of investing for most Americans. The impressive truth about leveraged finance methods is that if you do them successfully, you can make a tremendous amount of money, often in a short amount of time. To learn more about this completely legal and ethical means of making money, read on with an open mind.

What is Leverage Anyway? 

Leverage is using borrowed money or financial instruments in order to boost the possible gains from an investment. Such leverage is easily able to be built up using options, futures, margin on stocks, and FX Foreign Exchange. It is most typically utilized by regular people when they take out a mortgage to buy a home or piece of property.

What Are Some Smart Investments Where You Can Effectively Use Leverage? 

There are a number of investments where leverage is a possibility and a sound idea. These include Options, Futures, Stock on Margin, Real Estate purchases, and FX Foreign Exchange. Each of these topics will be briefly addressed in the following paragraphs.


Simply put, options are the means of controlling 100 shares of stock or some commodity with a small amount of money invested. As an example, with a thousand dollars that you wish to invest, you might buy ten shares of Microsoft Corporation’s stock, or you might instead buy five options contracts on Microsoft stock. This would give you control over five hundred shares instead of simply ten. You would have the option to buy the shares at a set price, or you could sell the option as it gains in value along the way.


Futures can be made to seem more complicated than they actually are. The easiest way to think of them is as a vehicle that allows you to control and trade commodities like gold or silver ounces, coffee, soybeans, cotton, or timber. With five thousand dollars, you can control around $30,000 in silver ounces. As the price of silver rises, your long contracts gain in value much faster (at six times the rate, in fact) than if you only had five thousand dollars of silver. The downside is true as well. If silver prices decline, your silver position would lose in value at a rate six times faster than if you only had the literal five thousand dollar silver position.

Stocks on Margin 

You might also use leverage in your finance and investments with stocks. By opening a margin account at an online broker, you are able to buy between two to three times as much stock as you have actual money in the account. This offers a lesser amount of margin than the other financial instruments allow. It does have the advantage of not losing you money at a shocking rate if your strategy proves to be wrong.

Real Estate via Mortgages 

Most Americans who purchase a home will do so without ever realizing that they are using margin, sometimes heavily. If you put down 10%, then you are gaining a ten to one leverage on your new property. With 5% down, it is an impressive twenty to one margin. This is why the housing bubble made so many people millionaires before later blowing them to pieces, as housing prices first skyrocketed then crashed and burned.

FX Foreign Exchange 

In terms of leveraged financial investments that are accessible to the everyday, working people, there is nothing that offers the power and eye watering leverage of FX, or Foreign Exchange. It is no exaggeration to say that you can easily get a 100 to 1 or even 200 to 1 leverage rate with foreign currencies. This means that with only one thousand dollars, you can hold a 100,000 or sometimes even 200,000 sized currency pair such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, or USD/CHF. Tiny movements in your favor will net you dramatic and sometimes instantaneous gains. Similarly, if they move against you, these investments can wipe out your principal in a matter of minutes or even seconds. Nothing is more exciting and potentially life changing than a heavily leveraged investment in FX. Jim Rogers and George Soros became among the riches men on the planet through such investments in GBP/USD in the 1990’s.

There is a company that boasts of even 1000 to 1 leverage in currencies. This is Netotrade. A Netotrade review has called this a scam, but no one has been able to conclusively prove that they are not offering this stratospheric margin and leverage
capability. As always, you should do your due diligence and proceed with caution before you put your hard earned money into anything.

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Top reasons to own a beach side property

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Finding a property can be perplexing and when it comes to owning a beach side property, then it becomes more overwhelming. The beach is a popular and the perfect destination to buy a property which can give you complete comfort. It is also a way to earn income in case you would be interested to rent out the property. However, you would need to maintain it well so you can get the best out of the property. You can consider buying homes for sale in Bethany beach Delaware as it will make your purchase valuable. A few reasons for which buying a beach side property is really advantageous is stated below:

Location and beauty :

Owning a beach side property is like a dream come true. Firstly, the location will always keep you pleased. The real estate Delaware beach properties are well located and built beautifully where you can find appropriate space to stay with family and accommodate extra guests if required. Most of the beach side properties are built beautifully as people buy it for relaxing and enjoyment purpose.

The holiday mood is on:

The best part about buying the Bethany real estate property is that you can plan a holiday anytime. You can enjoy time with family relatives and friends. Thus, it will keep your holiday mood alive and you will find it to be more cheaper. You can cook your meals on your own as the property is near to the beach and you do not need to spend on driving as well.

Use it as a vacation rental :

Buying the house near the beach side will be efficient and lucrative as you can rent it out. Those who struggle to find vacation rentals in Bethany beach can contact you and this will give you immense satisfaction as you will get maximum inquiries from the people.

Health benefits :

Staying near the beach is good for health as you stay in the vicinity of nature where you get fresh air. So when you plan to check real estate houses for sale then do look for a beach-side property which will give you a healthy environment. You can enjoy morning and evening walks and some water sports which will make a proper exercise routine including a lot of fun.

Save time and money :

It becomes easy to commute to the beach even on weekdays and reach home soon so you save on time also. You also save money as driving to parks and clubs is not required.

A commendable asset :

Apart from a privileged location, beachside property is a wonderful asset as it is a good investment and will work as a good financial security.

Get together with friends and family :

The real estate Delaware beach properties are perfect for buying as you will get to enjoy more time with your family. Your kids can play with you near the beach and you will find that more quality time is being spent on the beach. Your children will be able to make friends with the regular crowd who visit the beach to play and enjoy various sports. Even you can find a good company of friends and plan a get together to share some enjoyable and good time. You tend to have a perfect social life as well.

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