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This Trend is Good for Builders

The home building & remodeling industry is bouncing back. The busy throng of builders, realtors, construction trades people, lenders and other professionals at the Atlantic Builders Convention last month in Atlantic City was proof the market is showing positive signs of growth. In the two days I was there I had a chance to talk to some of the exhibitors about their products and services. An especially interesting conversation was with Schuyler Lovell, Sales and Marketing Manager for BuilderTrend.

BuilderTrend is an all in one cloud-based project management software for the home building and remodeling industry. This privately held software company has its headquarters in Omaha, NE. Founded in 2006, the company survived the housing crash in 2008 and is now a leader in the construction software industry with a proven track record of success.

With thousands of clients in 30 countries, BuilderTrend’s experience is firmly established. The company helps construction professionals communicate more effectively with subcontractors & suppliers regarding the building process while also keeping the homeowner in the loop on the progress. It has very useful features for managing selections and change orders. A fully integrated “all in one” system, it replaces multiple programs or systems builders often use for creating proposals, managing schedules and to-do lists, and making and tracking change orders.

BuilderTrend helps builders market and manage new business. The lead management function tracks client leads and creates proposals and bids for new projects. The builder can go online from anywhere and at anytime using their mobile phone or tablet to quickly send proposals to prospective clients. Accepted proposals can be saved and re-used for future business. For additional marketing support the company also offers website development and hosting services for home construction professionals. As a project management tool the software covers all stages of the construction life cycle. The scheduling tool can automatically update everyone involved in the project when any changes are made. It can manage purchase orders to reduce the possibility of errors and delays.

The BuilderTrend software package of services can be a game changer for construction professionals that may currently be using different systems to help manage their business. For 10 years this company has been helping both home builders and home improvement contractors operate a more efficient & productive business which in turn provides a better client experience. I also like their website, their demo videos and their quirky “about us” YouTube video. Check it out.

(I am not affiliated with or compensated in any way by this company. But I do like the company and think they have a very cool product.)

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