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Real Estate And Mortgage Section – REAMS – is the result of a need to share information resulting from a career in the real estate and mortgage services industry which spanned three decades. Our aim is to provide the highest quality real estate and mortgage content to readers of this site; and if it results in one reader learning more about investing in real estate, or getting a better understanding of the real estate buying/selling process, then the goal would have been accomplished. We will make as many tools and resources available to you as we possible can as well as few tips and/or techniques on buying & selling property.

Hello, I’m Tony from Woodbridge, New Jersey in the US. My background is in professional sales with a big chunk (32 years) devoted to real estate sales as a sales associate and broker, mortgage broker and mortgage lending services.

Over a nineteen year period which ended on May 31, 2010 I held positions in the capacity of Account executive, Office Manager and Vice President with three New York-based mortgage lenders. Currently I manage a family-owned Web-based entity from my New Jersey residence.

Over the last three years we created a number of website and blogs related to the real estate and mortgage industry; in addition to which, I’ve written and published several mortgage and real estate articles. We hope to share as much about real estate and mortgages with you as we possibly can and will begin with content from the following websites and articles:

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A lot of the content on these websites is based on my time in the real estate and mortgage business and I look forward to bringing you more real estate and mortgage content on this site in the coming months and years. I hope you find it useful. Thanks.

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