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You’ve landed on the ALL-CASH Real Estate Property Purchase$ page where, if you own a property you wish to sell – or know someone who owns such a property and wants to sell it – you can get FAST CASH for your property, or FAST CASH for your referral to the property owner.

However, If you don’t know of such a property at this time, save the link to this Web page because you never know when you will come across one of these properties and get a chance to put some money in your pockets. Meanwhile, read on to learn more about 3 of the most popular ways to sell residential real estate property, since this information will be helpful in case you do come across a property for sale and want to discuss our all-cash method with the owner.

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Three of the most popular methods a property owner can choose to sell his/her property are:

  1. Listing the property with a real estate agent to be shown to interested buyers
  2. Selling it without a real estate agent, in which case the owner does his/her own advertising, marketing and buyer qualification; and
  3. Selling it directly to a real estate investor.

Method 1 is probably the most popular as the majority of home sellers opt to entrust the entire marketing and selling process to a real estate agent in exchange for payment of a commission ranging from 2% to 8% (or whatever percentage is negotiated between seller and agent) of the selling price payable at closing.

Method 2, while less popular, places the property owner in full control of the marketing and selling process. Utilizing this method s/he takes on the role of real estate agent in the sense that s/he will be required to do as good a job as the agent does in preparing, advertising and promoting the property. In addition s/he will have to screen (and in some cases qualify) potential buyers, while competing with agents and other property owners who are trying to sell similar properties in the same and surrounding areas.

In both of the above methods most interested buyers will likely require a mortgage to complete a purchase of the particular property; the mortgage application, however, initiates a completely different process which includes:

  • Buyer Credit Approval
  • Property Appraisal
  • Engineer’s Report (in some cases)
  • Property Inspection (most certainly)
  • Title Search & Survey
  • Removal of Liens & Violations (where applicable)
  • Delivering the Property (vacant and broom clean)

And while the above list shows only a few of the concerns a property owner may have when relying on his/her buyer to obtain a mortgage approval, those concerns do not exist in the third method of selling described below.

Method 3 requires very little elaboration as it is a simple and straightforward sale at a price agreed to between the property seller and real estate investor. Under this scenario the property is usually not in top condition and therefore might not withstand a property inspection, appraisal or engineer’s report; but the investor is not concerned with such reports; only with signing a sales contract and closing the deal so that s/he can get ownership of the property, do the required repairs/refurbishing, resell the property as quickly as possible to get the investment money back, and move on to the next property. It is for this reason that most real estate investors WILL CLOSE the deal as FAST as they possibly can!

The typical buyer will not be able to obtain mortgage financing to make a purchase of any property that is in need of extensive repairs or refurbishing; whereas an investor buyer will be the best and most qualified buyer for your property which is in a state of disrepair or other deficiency; because s/he does not require conforming mortgage financing, an engineer’s report, an appraisal report (for mortgage lending purposes), or any other kind of report – except a title report to verify proof ownership.

The investor purchase is an honest and legitimate transaction which cannot be duplicated by a typical buyer with 3.5%, 5%, 10% or even 20% down payment and hoping to get the balance from a FHA or Conventional mortgage lender.

Selling your property as-is and FAST FOR CASH to a real estate investor has become the fastest, most beneficial way to sell the property in today’s real estate market; because a knowledgeable, reputable, professional real estate investor will immediately begin with a free, confidential, no-obligation offer for your property, and then follow through – if the offer is accepted – with a suitable down payment, bona-fide contract and expedited closing.

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